1st Conference on Language Contact in Asia and the Pacific

September 6th-7th, 2012

As highly multilingual and diverse regions, Asia and the Pacific have over time witnessed intense language contact. Though not new, scholarly interest on the subject has been gaining momentum in recent times. This two-day conference will be dedicated exclusively to studies of the multiple facets of language contact and multilingualism in Asia and the Pacific.

The conference will include keynote addresses by:

Jeff Siegel (University of New England, Australia)
David Bradley (Latrobe University, Australia)
Christine Jourdan (Concordia University, Canada)

We invite abstracts in the field of language contact and multilingualism in Asia and the Pacific for 20-minute talks followed by a 10-minute discussion period. The recommended length is 300 words, and no longer than 500 words (excluding references). The abstract should: (i) state the topic of the paper clearly; (ii) indicate the methodology; (iii) include the main findings; and (iv) indicate their relevance to the field.

Abstracts should be sent in an attachment .doc or .pdf document, no later than May 31, 2012, to marioN@umac.mo.

Authors’ names must not be given in the abstract or the file name. In the email, authors are requested to include the following information:

- Name of author/s
- Title of paper
- Affiliation
- Postal & email address

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